Kamran Saini

3D Modeler, Narrative Writer & Video Editor

Obi Wan Kenobi (Lightsaber)

Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi's lightsaber

Modelled in Maya, textured in Substances Painter and rendered in Blender using Cycles

Clone Trooper Model

Star Wars Phase 1 Clone Trooper, guiding in LAAT Republic Gunship

Modelled in Maya and Rendered using Arnold. Animation motion captured in studio and cleaned up using Autodesk MotionBuilder

Narrative Writing

Revenge & Struggle

Revenge & Struggle (Story Description)

King Letholdus has gone to fight the greatest enemy this era has seen. But when the King doesn't return after sometime. His family brings it upon themselves to see him home. Even so, a strong family bond can only accomplish so much. And soon they will come to realize how unprepared they are for the coming storm.....

The story is about 4000 words with multiple storylines going at once(I am also planning to 3D model a lot from this story. Such as, the Knights of the Faithful castle, environment and Raolin, Athelard & Royse)

UnderWater Tipping Point

Star Wars Story, before the events of Clone Wars water war (arc)

Character Bio's

Athelard Character Bio

(Revenge & Struggle)

Sami Chanex Character Bio

(UnderWater Tipping Point)


Trapped is a story I wrote in Twine, which allows the reader to make decisions throughout the story, which determine the outcome

Trapped (Story Description)

Under the rules of the four planet leaders of Saturn. The people are trapped on the planet, even when certain doom is imminent. But three young teenagers, Galz, Hugo and Zea. Try to navigate their best chance of freedom in the stars.....

Video Editing

Formerly Darth, Now Just Maul

From beyond the thoughts in your mind

Mini Trailer for Homeinvr



Kamran Saini

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